So you're probably wondering what this is. 

So glad you asked.

The Core Space is a community for folks who work on staff at churches or religious organizations or are high level key volunteers or have previously worked at a church. 

This all came about because we have worked (or still work) on staff at a church or religious organization and know all the craziness and beauty that comes with it. We are a special breed of people who are hardworking, brave and have a  crazy work ethic. We are a small fraternity and we think we should support each other.

So how'd we come up with the name? 
In the Bible, we are called to be the Body as mentioned in Ephesians 5:30. The Core of the human body is a complex series of muscles that extends beyond just your abs. It includes everything in your body, except your arms and legs. The Core is your center of gravity and where all body movement begins. The Core keeps things moving just like the local church staff.

There's no handbook for this and a lot of the time it's really lonely. So we wanted to create a space where we could learn together and be a resource for each other.

We are just getting started, so thanks for coming along on the journey...

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